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Our Services


Project Services


Hands-on managing and executing projects to the highest standards, from TRL1 to TRL7/8. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of digital transformation topics with pre-defined metrics.

Technical Development

Through its extensive network of experts, project resources can be provided to fill requirements or to deliver larger workpackages.

Collaboration Facilitation 

The Global Trust Foundation acts as an independent matchmaker and facilitator between companies and technologies, achieving lasting impact through cooperation and tightly business focussed dialogue by setting up industry clusters called 'Collaboration Bubbles'. These forums are aimed to bring together major topic players into a confidential environment where issues can be discussed and expanded with the high level goal of facilitating a healthy environment for growth and mutual collaboration.

Awareness Services


Building and agreeing dissemination plans and strategies to best build awareness of stakeholders.

Marketing Communication

Establishing and operating processes and activities to support dissemination plans and promote smooth, efficient communication.

Market Intelligence

Gathering opinions and views on specific topics via ongoing widespread surveys and also snapshot viewpoints.

Stakeholder Management

Establishing programs of information and growing supporters through encouraging multi-directional communication and learning.

Digital Transformation Education

One-to one or group education on a variety of digital topics, such as Trust; eID; SSI; Digital Law.

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