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Market Intelligence

"Don't coat the bitter message with candy!"

We strongly believe in gathering information about the market and how it thinks. Anything less is a recipe for a non-effective action, and a failure to reach your goals.

In gathering opinions and views on specific topics, via widespread surveys and snapshots, and by asking the right questions, a realistic contextual  understanding of the market and stakeholders is achieved, helping to structure an effective dissemination strategy and buiding effective marketing tools.

We say, "Never be afraid to ask the really hard or direct questions". Quite often these uncover the deeped issues that are usually glossed over. 


Our main tools are simple "30 second surveys" asking questions that simply draw out the real views, whilst always providing the option for useful elaboration by the respondent.


We can work remotely with anonomous respondents, virtually with one-to-one interviews, or directly face-to-face in a local environment. Always trying to tease out the real views and opinions of those important to you. 

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