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Privacy-by-Design Guidelines

When accessing a website, the issue of cookies and GDPR compliance always leaves me confused and concerned.

I am never sure what is compliant, what is not. In fact I do not know if I have any influence in the matter at all. Most people like me just click 'agree' - even if we know we should not.

I just dont have time or is it near the top of my priorities list to start investigating.

So when I find myself creating a website for an EU-funded project as part of the communications responsibilities it would be useful to have an understandable set of guidelines to apply. At least to help visitors like myself.

I became aware of this informative and useful document, a set of guidelines, recently and I think that its worthwhile to make this generally available. It was written as part of the CSI-COP Horizon 2020 project. CSI-COP stands for "Citizen Scientics Investigating Cookies and App GDPR Compliance".

Check them out and download the guidelines here.

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