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SELP Real-time Monitoring

Keeping you on track!

It is important that your activities are always on track. Whether developing a new product, managing a project, or maintaining your position in an aggressive market, it is important that you know that you are "on message", and working to specification all the time. Small deviations at an early stage can lead to catastrophic rectifications later.


The Global Trust Foundation team have developed a simple technique to periodically monitor your activities against pre-determined criteria and standards to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and your own rules and procedures.

One useful acronym for an important set of criteria is "S.E.L.P.". This stands for Social, Ethical, Legality & Privacy and provides the framework to assess how well your activities comply with common practices. The Global Trust Foundation has an established methodology to continuously assess your organisation's actions against agreed S.E.L.P. guidelines and provide a simple to digest report and list of agreed corrective actions. These provide a simple demonstration to stakeholders, senior management, and prospects in order to show the robustness and control of all your processes, become a living asset underpinning your project’s success.

It must be stressed that the technique is simple and unobtrusive, taking up only a few minutes per period for a brief assessment by a Work Group manager, marking a soft objective ‘traffic light assessment’ of status, with any short note if needed. There can be as many soft objectives aimed more towards expected influence on outcomes rather than technical tasks. It is up to the manager to determine the prospects of the project’s performance in those terms and comparing them to the formal project plans. They may not need to be technical but do cause the managers to consider higher-level goals. For example, “Will the storage be tested with real data during the project?” 

Results are shown in summarised form for high-level management and more detailed for a project status briefing. The ongoing reports demonstrate to stakeholders that your project is under careful and thoughtful control not just technical. 

Additionally, this methodology is not just restricted to S.E.L.P. issues. Any topic, criteria or issue can be continuously monitored, and corrections noted, becoming a history of activities for future use.     

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