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Keep The Date: October 9th 2024 !
Note The Place: Berlin Spielfeld Hub

We welcome future attendees to the 2024 edition of the Digital Identity Wallets Forum being again held in the productive Spielfeld Hub in Berlin.

Keep a lookout for further details soon

About the 2024 EU Digital Identity Wallets Forum

9th October 2024

The world of digital wallets is moving at speed. With the launch of the EU’s Large Scale Pilot developments, and other initiatives everywhere, its time to cut through the noise and discuss some of the real issues that need to be resolved.


Expert Led Discussions

The Must-Attend Forum for Digital Identity  Wallets

The Global Trust Foundation will be hosting its next Digital Identity Wallets forum at the ‘Spielfeld’ in Berlin on October 9th 2024.

Be part of our physical conference and inspire the industry!

Bringing together Europe’s imaginative individuals, who have a unique perspective and are redesigning the way we think and manage digital innovation, to facilitate leading-edge discussion for Industry, business, SMEs, governments, and citizens.

What is the EU Digital Identity Wallets Forum?

A flexible digital identity wallets related physical forum. It was hosted at Spielfelds Digital Hub in Berlin, Germany. It's a very open type of event - an unconference. This means every attendee will be able to participate in the agenda creation & debate on it. 

Why you should come in 2024?

As a non-profit, GTF has the unrivalled ability to bring together technology experts, policymakers, and senior leaders from the public, private and academic sector institutions from across Europe and beyond. This means the forum is an essential hub for collaboration and innovation, facilitating meaningful change, as we look at opportunities for empowering businesses through digital transformation. Featuring the latest insights in this area of Identity and Security– this forum will cover many hot topics and critical areas.

Who will be attending the 2024 forum?

GTF successfully executes its role as a sync tech and brings together the largest concentration of C-level leaders, decision-makers and technologists as well as grass-root activists. By attending the ''EU Digital Identity Wallets Forum'' you`ll gain real insights into the current state of the identity world and have the ability to network and discuss the latest ideas & innovations. Our expert attendees make the GTF events unrivalled and packed with knowledge. Grab the chance to join the top leaders of Europe!

What is the atmosphere at GTF's events?

One of our best advantages is that we create a neutral field for debates amongst tech professionals. A very fun informal atmosphere to meet the top leaders in the public and private sectors in the EU.

See you there 😊

2023 - 2024 Topics Soon !

Regulation and Ecosystem

- Will complexity kill the European Digital Wallet?

- Limitations: What are the chances and limits of Type 1 and Type 2 Digital Wallets? 

- Financing: Who`s paying for it and how can that be achieved technically?

- Risk: How would liability be handled, especially with Governments providing evidence?


- Changes that are still needed for the Architectural Reference Framework.

- Interoperability: How can we ensure an open market, transferability/interoperability?

- Would the eWallet always be decentralised and why it should be?

- Leading parties from the German market.

- Is there a battle ‘‘for middle IDearth’’?

Large Scale Pilots

- Use cases & real-life implementation 

Travel & payment

- Organisational Digital Identity 

Interoperability & EBSI


- Timelines: How far away are Digital Wallets from mass utilization?

- Messaging to citizens: ‘‘What is actually an eWallet and why do I need it?’’

- Perception: Should there be specific privacy principles for Digital Wallets?

- Acceptability: Can we achieve the inclusivity that we need for Digital Wallets?

What the 2023 Forum discussed - 2024 To Be announced shortly

08:45 Welcome 

09:00 Keynote Speakers

  • Ignacio Alamillo 

  • Andrii Melashchenko

  • Daniël Du Seuil

  • Moritz Heuberger

10:15-12:00 Open Agenda Discussion

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:00 Panel 1 ''Qualified Trusted Service Providers - Thriving in the eIDAS 2 ecosystem?''

  • Moderator: Michal Tabor - Partner,

  • Iván Basart - CTO, Validated ID

  • Igor Marcolongo - Head of Business & Solutions Compliance, InfoCert 

  • Viky Manaila - Trust Services Director, Intesi Group

  • Paolo Campegiani - Head of Strategy and Innovation, Bit4id

  • Bob Hulsebosch - Compliance Officer, Inverid

  • Esther Makaay - Business & eID Analyst/Architect, Signicat

14:00-15:00 Panel 2  ''Digital Wallets - How to achieve an EUID for citizens and organizations?''

  • Moderator: John Erik Setsaas - Director of Innovation, Financial Crime Prevention, Tietoevry

  • Andrii Melashchenko - Cloud System Architect, Belden Inc.

  • David Magard (EWC) - Senior Advisor, Bolagsverket

  • Daniël Du Seuil - Convenor European Self Sovereign Identity Framework (EBSI)

  • Tim Kremer -

  • Ricky Thiermann - Product Owner, Spherity

  • Marcel Wendt - CTO, Digidentity

  • Andre Kudra - CIO, esatus

15:15-16:15 Panel 3 ''Wallets and Society – As much privacy as possible or as much useability as needed?''

  • Moderator: Jon Shamah - Co-founder & Director, Global Trust Foundation

  • Clemens Schleupner - Digital Identity Speaker, BITKOM 

  • Stephen Haartman - Program Manager eIDAS

  • Annet Steenbergen - Advisor, EU Digital Wallet Consortium  

  • Mirko Mollik - PhD Researcher, Fraunhofer FIT 

  • Steffen Schwalm - Principal Business Consultant, msg

  • Michael Kubach - Senior Scientist Identity Managment, Fraunhofer IAO

  • George Domalis - Co-founder Novelcore, GLASS Project

16:15-17:15 Panel 4 ''Keeping It Seriously Simple (KISS) – EUDI Wallet between SD-JWT, W3C & beyond''

  • Moderator: Fabrizio Leoni - Head of Innovation Portfolio, InfoCert

  • Sebastian Elfors - Senior Architect, IDnow

  • Torsten Lodderstedt - SPRIND/BMI

  • Ignacio Alamillo - Advisor, Logalty

  • Alen Horvat - Lead Architect, EBSI

  • Markus Sabadello - Founder, Danube Tech 

  • Michal Tabor - Partner,

17:30-17:45 Wrap-ups from sessions

17:45-19:00 Closing followed by Networking

Takeaways from the 2023 Forum



Spielfeld Digital Hub was founded in 2016 by Roland Berger and Visa Inc. with the goal of enabling innovation. Over time, both co-founders broadened the Spielfeld community by inviting key players from their respective networks. The result was a unique space where international corporates sit side-by-side and work together with cutting-edge startups.



The nhow, Berlin is located at just 15 minutes walk from the forum venue. It makes it a great option for your stay.



This stylish hotel lies between the Mercedes-Benz Arena and the East Side Gallery, the remaining iconic section of the Berlin Wall.


The 2023 Forum was brought to you by our gold partners:

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For sponsorship and other enquiries please email 

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