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The Global Trust Foundation is not like pure consultancy practices. As an independent Not-For-Profit foundation, our job is to build communities and educate at all levels. We are efficient, without too many diagrams and buzzwords, we give you practical advice, not shelf-ware reports. So don't expect thick reports that you will never read! 

The GTF team are known worldwide for their impeccable reputation for getting international leaders together in a collaborative environment. They have been involved in numerous professional events with hundreds of thought leaders all with one cause - to learn and share expert knowledge and apply that to their organisations.


"Solving Complex Issues - Simply"


The goal of the Global Trust Foundation is to become the leading independent and neutral foundation working with Governments, corporates, trade-associations, SME bodies and others with a specific global perspective by providing consulting, research and program enhancement.


By creating and fostering collaboration bubbles GTF will influence the global identity and trust communities towards a stronger and more informed market. Each collaboration bubble will consist of committed and influential experts and leaders in the field coming together to chart and implement the future direction of the industry.

Additionally, GTF can provide assistance and consultancy to help drive any organisation towards this goal.

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