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The Global Trust Foundation for Your Sector 

Using our experience to help you

The Global Trust Foundation team has many years experience across many sectors in research, development, and implementation. These are just a few:

Government eID

The complexity of Government eID encompassed technology, as well as social, economic, privacy and ethical issues.Its a multi-stakeholder environment and The Global Trust Foundation team has experience in combining all of these issues up to the highest levels facilitating the buy in of policy makers and politicians.

Citizen eID

The needs to have a non-governmental eID are varied, but the trend is moving towards enabling citizens to assert their identity and assets independently to central authorities. Self-Soverign Identity (SSI), is an expression of this need. The Global Trust Foundation team are experienced in this sector and has been active in promoting and supporting discussions progressing SSI to become widely accepted. 

Trust Services

Trust services are key to increase citizens confidence in the online world and to meaningfully transact digitally without fear of fraud or illegality. In Europe, The mechanism for issuance and use of Electronic signatures, Electronic seals, and Electronic time stamps, as well as Electronic registered delivery services and Website authentication certificates is complex. The Global Trust Foundation can guide you through this complexity simply and easily, ensuring that you are able to understand its impacts and requirements.    

Digital Law Enforcement

The Global Trust Foundation team have been involved in building and monitoring digital Chain of Custody methods and how technology can be used to assist Law Enforcement to improve the efficiency of using and sharing digital evidence across jurisdictions.


If you cannot see the sector description that is relevant, please contact us below. Unfortunately we cannot list each sector in which we have experience,

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