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GTF Digital Identity Wallet Forum a Key Ecosystem Event

The Global Trust Foundation hosted the second edition of the EU Digital Identity Wallets Forum, bringing together more than 100 Digital Identity experts from all over Europe, government representatives, as well as members of the four EU Wallet Large Scale Pilots: DC4EU, Nobid, EWC and Potential.

The aim of this unconference was to enable exchange and work to put a point of view on what is undoubtedly one of the most important initiatives that is being developed both at European and global levels.


Once-Only Technical System Projectathon - 18th-20th October 2023

An event where teams from different EU countries connect their systems under one roof and perform a marathon of peer-to-peer interoperability and compliance tests in a structured environment for several days. 

The tests are supervised and verified by neutral experts acting as Monitors.


Borderless Cyber Conference - 11-12 Sept 2023

OASIS Open and Royal Holloway, University of London will host a unique conference, focusing on the convergence of the cybersecurity and privacy disciplines and addressing new technologies, research, operationalization realities, risks, and solutions. It will bring together international experts and offers opportunities for networking, good dialogue, and future collaboration.

Anyone from industry, government, or academia responsible for developing, influencing, regulating, and managing security and privacy risks in networked applications – are welcome to join.

Our Global Trust Foundation community is entitled to a 25% discount. Use the code ‘BC-GTF’ by 30 July. Affordable accommodation is available on campus and nearby in Egham, Windsor and Slough. The Royal Holloway campus is accessible by train from London and only 15 minutes from Heathrow.


Linux Foundation Europe Announces Formation of OpenWallet Foundation

BRUSSELS and SAN FRANCISCO, February 23, 2023 — Linux Foundation Europe, an independent trusted supporter and vendor-neutral home for open source projects in Europe, today announced the official formation of the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF). This new, collaborative effort will develop open source software to support interoperability for a wide range of wallet use cases, including making payments, proving identity, storing validated credentials such as employment, education, financial standing, and entitlements — to enable trust in the digital future.


MEPs back plans for an EU-wide digital wallet

The new digital identity framework would provide EU citizens with digital access to key public services across EU borders. The Industry, Research and Energy Committee adopted its position on the proposed update of the European digital identity framework (eID) by 55 votes to 8, with 2 abstentions. The new eID would allow citizens to identify and authenticate themselves online (via a European digital identity wallet) without having to resort to commercial providers, as is the case today - a practice that raised trust, security and privacy concerns. It would also give users full control of their data and let them decide what information to share and with whom.


Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act aim to create a safer digital space where the fundamental rights of users are protected and to establish a level playing field for businesses.

The Digital Services Act (DSA) and theDigital Markets Act (DMA) form a single set of rules that apply across the whole EU. They have two main goals:

  • to create a safer digital space in which the fundamental rights of all users of digital services are protected;

  • to establish a level playing field to foster innovation, growth, and competitiveness, both in the European Single Market and globally


EU Digital Wallet Architecture and Reference Framework 1.0.0 released

The purpose of the document is to provide all the specifications needed to develop an interoperable EUDI Wallet Solution based on common standards and practices. The document presents a state-of-play of ongoing work of the eIDAS Expert Group and does not imply any formal agreement regarding its content or the legislative proposal. This document will be complemented and updated over time through the process of establishing the toolbox. The document describes a comprehensive Architecture and Reference Framework covering all the specifications needed to implement an European Digital Identity Wallet Solution.


European Digital Identity Framework - Presentation

Anders Gjoen, 

European Commission, 


eGovernment and Trust


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