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Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

1. Objectives
  • Foster gender balance in project teams: The Foundation will aim for diversity and inclusion in research leadership and decision-making processes.

  • Integrate the gender dimension into research: The Foundation will ensure projects consider how gender might impact methodology, data collection, analysis, and outcomes.

  • Combat gender bias: The Foundation will address unconscious biases and promote a respectful and inclusive research environment, free from stereotypes

2. Our Key Actions:
  • Data Collection and Monitoring:

    • Collection of sex-disaggregated data will take place throughout the project lifecycle (where relevant).

    • There will be regular monitoring of gender representation in project teams and leadership.

  • Awareness and Training:

    • Gender equality and unconscious bias training for all project members will be mandatory and provided.

    • Materials to support the integration of the gender dimension in research design and content will be utilised.

  • Recruitment and Promotion:

    • The Foundation will always employ gender-sensitive language in job postings.

    • The Foundation will ensure that there will be transparent and unbiased hiring and promotion.

    • The Foundation will offer flexible work arrangements to support the work-life balance for all genders.

  • Accountability and Reporting:

    • The responsibility for GEP implementation will be designated to the directors of the Foundation.

    • There will be an annual report on the progress and results linked to the GEP.

​3. Implementation and Review:
  • The Foundation will clearly allocate resources (time, budget) for the GEP's implementation.

  • The Foundation will conduct regular reviews of GEP effectiveness, adapting actions as needed.

  • The Foundation will share knowledge and best practices with the wider research community.

  • The Foundation recognizes that gender intersects with other factors like race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability. Project design and implementation will consider these intersectional aspects.

  • The Foundation will work with gender equality experts and organizations for guidance and support where appropriate.

4. References

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