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The Global Trust Foundation acts as a matchmaker and facilitator between companies and technologies, achieving lasting impact through cooperation and tightly business focussed dialogue by setting up industry clusters.

Self Sovereign Identity & eWallet

Bringing together  all the “Identity Generations” for collaborative growth 

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is an approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over the information they use to prove who they are to websites, services, and applications. 

There are many providers in the SSI ecosystem, all at differing levels of maturity. However, what is of concern are issues such as interoperabilty, accessability, and business-models. The SSI and eWallet Collaboration Bubble will bring the main providers together to build common ground and complimentary approaches.

Semantic Interoperability

Establishing a common understanding across stakeholders

Linked to almost every interoperability discussion involving credentials is the ability to understand the semantics of the declared data.


Whilst there have been many research initiatives targeting specific requirements, there has been no domain wide actions, outside of the very slow international standards entities with their lack of agility, The Semantics Collaboration Bubble will bring research and commercial interests together to build ainteroperable approach to this complex topic.  

Multi-State Digital Trust

The key to international trade is trust. This can be at corporate or at personal levels. Digital signatures, and knowing who your counterparty is, quickly and with confidence, makes trade faster and more efficient.

Trust Services, the backbone of Digital Trust, should be recognised across trading partners, with trustworthy citizen and corporate identities part of that


The Multi-State Digital Trust Collaboration Bubble brings together, at high level, the driving forces in like organisations to ensure that this goal is achieved.

Establishing digital trust among trading partners

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