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Save the date: April 23rd 2024!
The Digital Identity Wallets Webinar Series


The Digital Identity Wallets Webinar is part of a new series of focused workshops on specific topics needing to be addressed.

23rd April 2024

The world of digital wallets is moving. With the EU’s Large Scale Pilot developments and other initiatives everywhere, it's time to cut through the noise and discuss some of the real specific issues that need to be resolved for wallets to be successful.


Illustrative - this event is virtual only

Expert Led Discussions


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The must-attend webinar for digital identity wallets

The Global Trust Foundation will be hosting the first of its Digital Identity Wallets Webinar online on

April 23rd 2024.


  • How are we going to market the new digital identity wallet? How are we going to drive adoption?

  • What is the relevance of organisational wallets? 

  • How would ledger-based infrastructures work with EU identity wallets?

  • How would an "eIDAS 2.5" (NOT eIDAS 3.0) look like, and not repeat mistakes …again?

Presented by:

- Moderator: Jon Shamah - Co-founder & Director, Global Trust Foundation

- Steffen Schwalm - Principal Business Consultant, msg Group

- Igor Marcolongo - VP of Business Evolution, InfoCert Group

- Esther Makaay - VP of Digital Identity, Signicat

- Michal Tabor - Partner,

Be part of our webinar and inspire the industry!

Again, bringing together Europe’s imaginative individuals, who have a unique perspective and are redesigning the way we think and manage digital innovation, the webinar will facilitate leading-edge discussion for Industry, business, SMEs, governments, and citizens on specific important topics.

What is the EU Digital Identity Wallets Webinar?

A flexible digital identity wallets-related virtual event.  It's a very open type of event - an unconference, but bounded to specific important issues. Registered attendees will be able to participate in the agenda creation, discuss, and contribute.  

Why you should attend in 2024?

As a non-profit, GTF has the unrivaled ability to bring together technology experts, policymakers, and senior leaders from the public, private, and academic sector institutions from across Europe and beyond. This means the webinar is an essential opportunity for collaboration and innovation, facilitating meaningful change, as we look at opportunities for empowering businesses through digital transformation. Featuring the latest insights from the Large Scale Pilots – this webinar will cover selected hot topics and critical areas.

Who will be attending the April 2024 Webinar?

GTF successfully executes its role as a sync tech and brings together the largest concentration of C-level leaders, decision-makers, and technologists as well as grassroots activists. By attending the ''EU Digital Identity Wallets Webinar'' you`ll gain real insights into the current state of the European Digital Identity Wallet and have the ability to network and contribute. Our expert attendees make the GTF events unrivaled and packed with knowledge. Grab the chance to join the top leaders of Europe!

What is the atmosphere at GTF's events?

One of our best advantages is that we create a neutral field for debates amongst tech professionals. A very fun informal atmosphere to meet the top leaders in the public and private sectors in the EU.

See you online! 😊

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