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AI-Assisted Digital Identity Wallets

How can Digital Identity Wallets become truly transformative? How can they aid average citizens to fundamentally improve how they transact with each other? How can SMEs enjoy the advantages of sophisticated supply chains and cross-border trade effortlessly using Organisational Digital Wallets?

It is not so much about the technology of the wallets themselves, but the ability of the average individual and the SME to effortlessly interpret their needs into the workflows within wallets. Once that is achieved, Over 300 million European adults will be able to take advantage of Digital Wallets on an everyday daily basis.

Global Trust Foundation has been working on solving this opportunity.

Read our whitepaper on the use of AI in wallets for exactly this purpose.

Download it here.

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a day ago

No specific reason, I would imagine 'legal' age of consent might be something to do with it?


  • Minimum Application Age:

  • Fourteen EU countries allow applications at 18 without parental consent.

  • Eight countries allow applications between 14 and 16 years old.

  • Four countries let children apply independently from age 12 (Belgium, Germany, Greece, Lithuania).

  • Mandatory Possession:

  • Some countries require children to have an ID card by a certain age, typically between 12 and 15.

  • They might need parental consent to apply in these cases (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Sweden).



Feb 19

Why are children excluded?

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