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Towards Secure and Decentralized eGovernance Services using IPFS

My friends over at the GLASS H2020 project have published an interesting paper on IPFS, which I think should be shared.

Here is some background: The continuously advancing digitization has provided answers to the bureaucratic problems faced by eGovernance services. This innovation led them to an era of automation, broadened the attack surface and made them a popular target for cyber attacks.

eGovernance services utilize the internet, which is a location addressed system in which whoever controls its location controls not only the content itself but also the integrity and the access of that content.

GLASS, proposes a decentralized solution that combines the InterPlanetary File System with Distributed Ledger Technology and Smart Contracts to secure eGovernance services. They have created a testbed environment to measure the system’s performance. So its worth having a look at...

Download • 579KB


School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Computer Engineering and Informatics Department, University of Patras, Greece

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